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  • Random Missions
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  • Gem System
Map: Chernarus1 Random Missions2 Build your own base3 Military Vehicles4 Snap Building Pro5 Gem System6 New Buildings7
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Welcome to Genesis Epoch Dayz

If you want to become an Admin join our Teamspeak for more information.

The server has been highly customized with extra Buildings, Towns & Army Bases added to the Chernarus Map. We have added Missions and Ai Fortresses for players to test their skills on. The server is built and run for players to explore and enjoy the game of DayZ. We do not do Pay to Win and try to treat all players the same - Players are encouraged to put forward their ideas for adding to the server, missions or events - Why not give us a try? If you have any problems, you can always contact an Admin in-game or on the teamspeak server; See you soon!

Server has - Group Management, Tow & Lift, Self Blood Bag, Snap & Vector Building, Zed Free bases, Deploy Bike, Motorcycle and Mozzie, Smelting, Repair & Rearm Stations, Humanity Based Loadouts, Super Traders, 130 Ai Missions, 2 Static Ai Fortresses, Ai UN Convoys, Ai Vehicle Patrols, New Player Starter Kits – Bountys & Player Events