Apr 25, 2018

Main changes:

- Bunker changes


Smaller changes:

- fixed group tag (marker) @Goose
- reimplemented code-cracking cooldown @Goose
- added missing virtual garage prices and cooldowns (already implemented)
- fixed parachuting on skalisty (already implemented)
- prevent packing from used mozzies in safe zones
- prevent packing, salvaging, and repairing moving vehicles
- fixed drag and carry unconscious players
- removed raw fish from the trader and replaced them with cooked fish (already implemented)
- fixed virtual garage duping (already implemented)
- kills in debug will kick the killer
- fixed wrong ammo in convoy ai
- removed the m203 round from hero lvl 8 loadout
- implemented a new towing system (to start tow, you have to be in the driver seat of the towing vehicle)
- added missing ural zu23 versions to towable vehicles
- increased javelin sell price to 1000 Gold (400 Gold before)
- removed metal_drawbridge_kit and cinder_bunker_kit from static ai loot
- changed bandit lvl 9 weapon to PKM_DZ
- mission implemented "Abandoned Mineshaft" @Lars
- mission implemented "Military Tunnels" @Lars


Bunker changes:

15 minutes after the first player enters the bunker, all players are notified and the entrance is marked on the map.


Changes to the quest system:

All required objective amounts have been reduced.
PVP quests give double the reward.

New quests added:

- Salvage vehicle
- Repair vehicle
- Lumberjack


Limited trader price changes:
Buy Prices:


1500 Gold (3000 Gold before)



14000 Gold (12000 Gold before)


AH64D :

14000 Gold (12000 Gold before)


Mi24_V :

14000 Gold (12000 Gold before)


Mi24_D_TK_EP1 :

14000 Gold (12000 Gold before)



12000 Gold (10000 Gold before)


Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1 :

11000 Gold (10000 Gold before)


Please report any bugs that might occur.


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Mar 31, 2022
AH1Z Has like 5000m+ radar, air to air 6000m distance and air to ground 8000m distance. Stinger only has 4000m lock on distance, that would be completly broken. If you die to chinook thats a skill issue...
Likes: Mishaaa
Oct 7, 2019
so when you get it in bunker, you are really lucky. it is really op. i would just give it a test run and see if it is too strong to handle
Aug 30, 2018
@venomuser99 Well I was flying apach other day and there was rocket venom and chenook awayyyyyyy above me 1.4-1.5k alt, not a lot I can do to kill them... If 2 cheenoks push you from that alt and if they know how to use minigun your engine is done...what you going to shoot 2 sidewinder and he's going to flare, gunner is going to shoot one of them and other one will get your engine...

@Mishaaa Chuckar is still going to work vs viper, take chenook and chuckar and rush viper and he can't shoot both in the same time... and it has only 2 rockets...
Mar 31, 2022
have another teammate in heli with radar to cover you....... figure it out you dont need every advantage possible to win a fight thats called "balance"
Nov 16, 2020
@Marilyn Monroe - ZJface
sadly they didnt. There was Abandonned near Polana at 8:20. 2 safes in Base and both not accesable after Maslenok was there so codes were changed which is shit if u think about the reason why they show up on map. Its about fights for the loot not about who first gets there can take it whenever he wants since he changed codes.

Had one in my own base that went 0000 and it told me "u cant change code on a safe that got 0000"
Dec 9, 2021
You'd better take care of the server, Mr. Genesis crashes every day. When online above 30 rises, everyone's fps drops. Missions need to be complicated, bots are stupid. In Green missions, there is nothing to take even for caps. The balance of helicopters and ground equipment needs to be done. Yesterday I was driving a BMP3 and just died because from a few kilometers ka 52 fired 1 shot.
Dec 9, 2021
Change the payment of bases, change 5 days to 10 and raise prices very much. For example, who has more than 140 parts (a few rubies), who has less than 100 to 140, and so on.