Event Ideas


Aug 28, 2023

To keep things fresh for you players I thought I would create this post so you guys and gals can give suggestions in an official setting for future events.

Please try to only suggest events that do not require spawning in many vehicles.

The deathmatch maze that some of you may be aware of will be re-designed every so often. This means I am giving players the opportunity to re-design the maze. If you are interested in maze building, please say so in this post.

Thank you.
Nov 20, 2022
Protect the VIP - 1 team protects the VIP starts at the NWAF with vehicles and has to get to the port in Cherno. team 2 tries to get the VIP. Land vehicles only (NO THERMAL),
Ofc the VIP would have to announce his/hers coords ever 3-5 minutes to keep things active.

Teams are selected randomly when event starts. Channels are available in the discord to facilitate teamwork.

Can provide more details if needed.
Nov 20, 2022
X Marks the spot event. Requires 2 Admins/Moderators. Load every participant into a c130 and mark a location on the map. Get them all to halo jump out and the closest person to landing on the X wins.

One admin will fly One will make sure no one bends the rules.

If two players are equal distance apart prize will be settled via Hatchet battle.