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Genesis Epoch Rules are enforced by the Admins to the best of their ability. You should respect the authority of admins to evaluate and decide when rules have been violated. We will always try to be fair and promote balanced gameplay.

Any player caught breaking the rules may be banned for a period of time depending on the severity of the players actions. It is the exclusive right of the admins to make these decisions based on evidence provided and what can be extrapolated from circumstance. If you feel the admin is not being fair you can contact the server owners on Teamspeak/Discord or the forum to have the situation reviewed further.

We highly recommend you use a video recording software such as Shadow Play (™) . These recordings can make fast work of resolving conflict. Our rules were designed so everyone can enjoy their time on Genesis Epoch. Above all else……. Have FUN!

1. General - The No’s

- No Camping or Killing Players who have a Startkit!

- No Hacking or Cheating or Duping - A perm ban will be issued.

- No Hiding Money Offline by way of Secondary acounts

- No Tanks In Towers shooting from Bases

- No Glitching into Player Bases

- No Kamikaze

- No Excessive Crying in sidechat

- No taking gear from a hacker - Report the situation to admin

- No Combat Logging - your gear will be wiped

- No Unsuitable Names ( ie curse words, all spaces).

- No Excessive Insults in Side Chat - Burn them and move on

- No racist or Homophobic Remarks.

- No Talking in Side Chat.

- Preferably English in sidechat - Group Chat for other languages

2. Bases and Building

- Only 2 bases per group

- Your name can only be on two plots… 1. Your plot and 2. Guest on another plot.

Distance Restrictions:

Note: Safes and plots in violations will be deleted!

- No Building or safes in or within 1500m from: Balota, Any Trader, or static Ai base. Safes and Plots will be deleted.

- No Building 1000m from Electro or Cherno.

- No building or safes in or within 600m of Dishina or Black Forest or any Military non- AI camp

- No building or Safes within 500m of an North West or North East Air Fields.

- Bases need to be a minimum of 400m apart.

- No building on roads (unless approved by an admin)

- No building in Gas Stations

Plot Management:

- Bases need to be force maintained before the 6th DAY or they will degrade.

- We recommend you manage on the 4th day to be sure it is managed.

- Safes will Zero if untoched on the 6th day.

Other Base Build Rules

- Only 1 Owned base Per player

- Only 2 Bases per Group

- Your name can only be on two plots 1. Your plot and 2. Guest on another plot.

- Players are allowed a maximum of 8 Safes - they also count as build objects.

- If a player builds past the server build limit (by plotpoles glitches etc.) or builds over water then do not ask Admin for help if gear/safes etc go missing.

- Metal box bases are not allowed, your base needs a door.

- Your base must have at least one ground level access.

- Floating safes or safe rooms are not allowed.. Safes need to be able to be accessed in some way and be “raidable”

- Water Bases are allowed but not supported and we highly recommend against it.

- Blocking safes in any way is not allowed. The only form of making your base raid proof is by making either a drawbridge or an elevator.

- Important means of Gear Protection - The only form of making your base semi-raid proof is by making either a Drawbridge or an Elevator. If you don't know what a Bridge or Elevator is we highly suggest you education yourself. This is one of the only ways to truly protect your gear from an easy raid.

C. Base Raiding

- Raiding is legal and encouraged

- All bases should be constructed to be “raidable”

- No hiding of gear or money offline

- All safes need to be accessible by some means to you and potential raiders

- All sheds must be visible and accessible - If pushed in the ground to conserve physical space then at least 25% of the top of the shed should be visible.

- Floating safes or safe rooms that have a ladder or stairs that is removed are not allowed

- Pulling items through a solid wall from containers close to the exterior is a form of glitching and you will be banned.

- Pulling items through a hole in a wall that is smaller than your head is also considered a glitch. A base raid can be considered illegal if this is used at any point to pass items through said wall.

- You may not use a non-allowed vehicle to defend your base during raid by shooting at said base even though it is yours.

- Your best defense against raiding are elevators and bridges

D. Combat and Engagement

Combat and killing are a normal part of the game and encouraged. Admins will review combat situations to make sure rules were not violated. However, players need to keep in mind the environment setting is a Zombie Apocalypse and survival and gear gain are the goals.

- No Attacking Player bases with any Mission/Super Trader type Gunships, Planes or Tanks. (see our legal base attack vehicle list)

- No VEHICLE suicides (into Bases or Vehicles), this will result in loss of humanity and a ban.

- No tanks in towers shooting from bases

- Kamikaze is not allowed

- Ramming is allowed

- Do not camp or attack players that have a startkit.

E. Safe Zones

Safe Zones are for Trading. Enter safe zone and conduct your trades and leave.

- No Safezone Griefing - harassing other players will get you kicked, banned or a combo of the aforementioned.

- No Stealing Vehicles, Gear or Packing Players Vehicles in Safezones.

- No Safe Zone Crashing or Kami - You will be banned

- If you leave a vehicle in a Safezone it will be moved to Balota on Server Restart or deleted.

- No Camping from or to the Safezones Areas

- If you leave the safezone and you enter combat, you CANNOT go back into the safezone.

- Do not evade combat using a Safezone.

F. Player Etiquette and Good Sportsmanship

Be respectful to Server Admins and do your part to help resolve server and in game issues. Keep in mind that they are donating their time to help protect and insure fair game play. The job of the Admin can be difficult, time consuming, and often thankless.

If you have an issue with an Admin please take the time to report it on forum to the Server Managers or Server Owners.

Being a good player goes a long way to helping making a great gaming experience for yourself and for others. Help when you can in game. For example, Questions in side chat… Someone needs something you have and don't need.. Help out. You kill someone and you don't need that gear.. Let them know it's there and your not taking it. We all have personality differences and conflict will arise… try to understand the other person's perspective and resolve issues without admin intervention when you can..

If you suspect someone of breaking the rules tell an Admin either in game or on teamspeak.


Safe zone Camping:

Systematically utilizing the area of the safe zone to harvest kills and players gear.

Safe Zone Abuse:

Moving in and out of safezone and using it’s God Mode protection during combat. Once you enter combat you can not return to safe zone for protection.

Safe Zone Griefing:

Excessive Harassment of other players

Combat Avoidance:

Using a safezone to remove yourself from a combat situation already in progress

Note: If a player is out of site or not in firing range for a period of 1 min then combat can be considered to be over.

Non-Allowed vehicles can attack your base if you are in the middle of a combat situation and you return to your base to avoid combat to kill player or destroy evading vehicle.

Mozzie Exclusion:

To be noted, if an unarmed small vehicle e.g a mozzie flees to the safezone because it's being attacked by an armed vehicle it will not be counted as Combat Avoidance. As the vehicle/player can't defend itself.


Running an air vehicle into a land vehicle, person, or another air vehicle, or a base. This is not allowed.

- No VEHICLE Suicides except Chukar/BQM74 into Bases, Vehicles and Players


Running a ground vehicle into a land vehicle, person, or another land vehicle, an air vehicle that is on the ground, or a base. This is allowed.

Combat logging:

Is handled by a script and doesn’t need any additional ban or punishment.

Vehicles allowed to attack bases ( see our the additional list)

Note: Corralled or fenced areas that are non roofed and clearly not part of the base main structure are not to be protected by our base attack rule. This includes but not limited to helipad areas for deploying vehicles. Any players or vehicles in these areas are open to attack and destruction

These are the vehicles with which you may attack a base UNPROVOKED. (see allowed list) If the vehicle is not on this list your NOT allowed to use it on a base unless base owners have shot at you first. The disallowed vehicles may attack a base if, and only if attacked first. But only the vehicle that was attacked can return fire. Not another member of a team or another vehicle. You may only kill the offending player or player team. You are not allowed to then use this vehicle to then RAID.

For clarification ask an admin.

Note: Non-Allowed vehicles can attack your base if you are in the middle of a combat situation and you return to your base to avoid combat to kill player or destroy evading vehicle..










Mi17 (DZ-DZE)

Mi171sh (DZ-DZE)

Ka-137 (All editions)


Littlebird (All editions)

Pook (All editions)


Armored SUV (All editions)

Pickup (All editions)

Offroad (All editions)

Ural (All editions)

LandRover (All editions).

UAZ (All editions)

Jackal (All editions)

HMMWV (All editions)

Combat Vehicles


M113 (All editions)

BRDM2 (All editions)

GAZ Vodnik (All editions)

BTR40 (All editions)


Stryker M11xx (All editions EXCEPT mgs)