Attack helicopters and skal camping

Dec 7, 2023
What is the point of having an EMP zone on skal when players will just sit outside the radius with attack helicopters and saturate the island with rockets from kilometres away and kill any players attempting to get to the island on jet skiis while their buddies get to loot the place scott free?

Some will argue "the attack helicopter you whip out is often times worth more than the loot on skal". That doesnt mean much when the players doing this are veterans who monopolise the server, are allied with half the server, and have passive agreements with other clans not to shoot down their helicopters while they are doing skal.

Killing jet skiis with attack helicopters should be considered akin to SZ camping and virtually negates the point of an EMP zone in the first place, theres no chance for smaller teams or solo players to do skal when these certified sweatlord monopolists are pulling out all the bells and whistles.
Nov 13, 2018
it's been like this for years. but they add the EMP zone so people dont fly rigth in with mozzie like people used to do.