Building Metal Floors

Jun 5, 2022
So I purchased tank traps and metal poles to build some metal floors. I got all the tools needed (matches, pry bar, tool box, sledge hammer) and built a work bench and fire barrel. I was able to make 4 metal panels then attempted to make the floors from them. The only button that came up was build metal panel, when I clicked on the metal panels. The only thing that I could think of is that I built the work bench and fire barrel quite a distance from my plot pole. Not sure of this would affect anything but i double checked the tools and equipment needed and thought that i had everything. Any help would be appreciated.
Mar 29, 2019
You craft 4 metal panels into a metal floor, so you need to have 4 metal panels in inventory and then click to craft metal floor


Epoch Admin
Aug 13, 2019
Just buy metal floors directly at building trader, then you don't have to craft anything.
But this is way more expansive, crafting them is more time intensive however. Best solution is probably to just do missions and get the loot through that. However, all crafting reciepts can be found here @Herpes : Crafting Recipes