Epoch 1.0.7 Announcement

Apr 25, 2018
Hi all,

Today we announce that the long-awaited Epoch 1.0.7 update will be released this Saturday, 24.04.2021, at 20:00 GMT+2.
Note that the server will be unavailable during the update implementation; this may take up to one hour.

Significant changes to note before the update:
  • A map wipe will be done (All bases with their items, safes, virtual garages ++)—the reason being the introduction of the new base items and changes from the update.
  • The humanity specific load-outs will be disabled the first two weeks after the map wipe. This measure will make the transition smooth for all players and improve the balance for players with less humanity.
Note: We will post a full changelog along with the update on Saturday. Together with this update, we will add our additions, which we have worked on over the past months.

If you still want to play on the Server until Saturday, do not update your mods yet!

Guide on how to update on Saturday:
  • Start DZLauncher
  • Go to “Mods”
  • Update Epoch to 1.0.7
  • Join the server and enjoy!

Changelog by Epoch: EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch
Mar 31, 2021
Hi guys. I've been on the server for a couple of months now. I really like it, especially for the system here. Active administration. I am very happy that we are moving forward and there will be a long-awaited update. Thank you to the administration for such a server! I will look forward to this Saturday.