Event Completed


Retired Manager
Retired Manager
Apr 26, 2018
Event Name: Panel Drop (Rox help with this)

Event Time : 8pm GMT ( Subject to change)

This event will consist of a 12x12 arena up in the air with random floors being deleted every 10 seconds, players who fall will break their legs and have the option to either suicide or watch the remaining of the event from the ground.

-No weapons (including handguns), explosives, morphine.
-No grouping in F5.
-Participants wear the same outfits.
-The event will continue until there are three placeholders (minimum of one round).
-Bandaids are allowed (so you don't bleed out while spectating).
-Don't bring any gear you want to lose (large backpack, gold, food etc).

1st place: To be determined (Tank with 1 ruby and 1 hotwire kit)

2nd place: To be determined (Armoured HMMWV with 1 citrine)

3rd place: To be determined (HMMWV with 1 emerald)

Additional information:
-Participants will get a teleport to the arena.
-Winners will get healed and a teleport to Stary.
-Losers will die when the event ends.
-Outfits will be provided.