Making server suggestions on Discord - Tutorial

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Dec 10, 2018

Genesis players now have the option to suggest changes they want on the Arma 2 server, here is how you can use this function on Discord:

Getting the "Verified" Discord rank in order to vote
1. Join our Discord server at discord link
2. Connect your Discord account on the forums:
3. Make sure you have Steam connected under the same site, we use this as one of the checks to make sure nobody has rigged the votes. If you have a Forum account from before and you've had it for more than 20 days (with a verfiied email adress) this will also be sufficient

Initiating a player poll
1. Enter the #bot_commands channel on Discord and use the !suggest command, example: !suggest Up the spawnrates for Toilet Paper
2. The suggestion will be automatically created into a poll and then voted on

Thanks @Stickie for making this possible!
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