Some data about Missions


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Aug 13, 2019
Hey Guys,

sometime before wipe, when I started playing again, I decided to gather some Information about Mission spawnpoints to find a good Base Spot for Mission Camping. Today I wanna share with you what I´ve found out and what surprised me a bit.

The Process:
To get all the information I wanted, I started noting the Faction (Hero/Bandit), Mission name, Coordinates as Grids and the difficulty, or color of the Mission. When I finished this I made a scatter plot with the Chernarus Map as background to get a decent overview of the spawnpoints. Over the time I documented 208 Missions which I used for the Charts below.

Mission Spawnpoints:
Maybe it will be helpful for new Players to see what the important spots are on the map and where there is maybe a more quite region to build and stay under radar. In the following Map you can see all the Spawnpoints of Misisons, which are marked by the orange squares:

What really surprised me was that the gap between the Factions are that small, anytime I played (before wipe) I felt like Bandit Missions are done way more often then the Hero ones. In reality it was about 10% more Bandit Missions then Hero ones, which you can see in this pie chart:

Bandit: 59%, Hero: 41%

The Difficulty is the probably most uninteresting information in this post since you´ll notice that red Missions indeed have the most spawnquantity of all the Difficulties. So It´s not surprising that Black Missions are the ones with the least spawnrate (13%), followed by Green Missions (17%) and Yellow Missions (20%). Red Missions are with 50% the biggest part of the Missions and therefore the average Missiontype.


Also notable is that after there was a Black Mission, there always will be a Green Mission shortly after it:

4 = Black Mission, 1 = Green Mission

So Anyways, maybe someone appreciate my Post and maybe someone even can use the data somehow. I´ll attach the .xlsx down here too if you wanna use the Data to find out for example which Missions spawned most or something like that.

With best Regardes,

Link to Data Sheet: Genesis Data.xlsx


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Aug 13, 2019
Do you know how many times did we get a mission that spawns a vehicle? or maybe how many missions average spawn par restart
I can tell you how many Vehicle Missions there was, but I sadly cant say how much missions there are per restart, since I didnt noted any times and ofc I wasnt always online for the whole restart. So it would be very inaccurate. Anyways, here are the numbers of Vehicle Missions, tell me if I missed a Mission:



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Feb 17, 2019

It is very interesting topic you mentioned. And I like the fact that you provided data, charts and even the map with marked points of missions spawns. That's cool. Without jokes you can just go and write a dissertation about that. Just for real.

In my memory this is the first time when player gathers information and then shares it in so detailed way. This is actually very good proof of how people can not only create the content themselves here on our server, but also observe interesting situations and maybe make researches. That's cool.

Thank you, Lars!
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Mar 23, 2021
Now give lars access to logs so he can provide data for
- Pov killing ruskis
- Skalisity
- Kill death ratio Among players (just do not include mine, would probably be embarrassing )
- Action house

Jokes aside, Nice work man!