The Squid Game Inspired Event


Epoch Admin
Aug 26, 2019
The Squid Game Inspired Event

The event will be inspired by a tv show called Squid Game. It will take place on 21.11 Sunday 19:00 GMT+1. It is going to be a tournament including 4 different competitions (kind of like mini games), in each competition some of the players will get eliminated and there will be less and less players advancing to the next competitions. The last competition will determine a winner, second and third place.

Prizes: 1st place: BM-21 Grad
Prizes: 2nd place: Pandur2_ACR
Prizes: 3rd place: AW159_Lynx_BAF (Wildcat)


First competition is called Green Light, Red Light. Players will be standing in the same line, which is a starting line. The goal would be to get to the finish line. On the command "Green Light" players are allowed to move towards the finish line. On the command "Red light" everyone has to immediately stop. Players who were too late to freeze on time will get shot by an admin. We will repeat it untill all of the players who didn't get shot make it to the finish line and they will be qualified to the next round.

Second competition will take place in the air. It will require luck and courage. Players will start at the same spot which would be a first platform. They will have to conquer the path of platforms by jumping on them. Platforms will be set in pairs in 2 parallel lines (6 pairs in total), with small spaces inbetween. The catch is: you need to choose the right path, because from the 2 platforms in pair in the crossline there is only 1 that is correct. The other one will disappear the second after first player jumps on it and player falls and dies. Waiting forever till someone checks which platform is the correct one is not an option because time for completing the path and getting to the finishing line is 3 minutes. After 3 minutes passes, all the platforms will be deleted - everyone falls, dies and looses. Players are also allowed to push each other off the platforms. Everyone who makes it to the finish line is advanced to the next round.

Third competition will be a little fusion betweed hide and seek, form of tag and a bloodbath. There will be an arena created - full of platforms, each will have 2 ladders on the opposite sites. There will be 1/3rd of players randomly selected and they will be handed a hatchet. Their goal would be to eliminate as many rivals as possible, they can attack each other as well. Players without hatchets need to protect themselves - by running away, hiding and climbing the platforms. Competition will last 2 minutes. Everyone who survives is advanced to the final round.

Final round will determine the winner! It will be based on throwing hand flares at the target. Players will compete one after another, each of them will have few attempts. The player who manages to get most amount of flares into the box is the winner of the whole event, player who got second best score takes second place, there is a third place as well.

And the most important rule: HAVE FUN!